Protecting Wealth

Why is wealth protection so important? Well, you’ve probably worked very hard for what you’ve achieved – making those house or car repayments, working your way up the corporate ladder to get a great paying job and even working at building that harmonious family you’re so proud of. 

So imagine how devastated you would be if - for reasons beyond your control - you lose what you’ve worked so hard for…Perhaps your house is destroyed by fire or flood, or maybe you’re unable to work at that well paid job because of illness or injury, or worst still – what if you lose a loved one, or if your family loses you? 

Any of these circumstances would take an emotional toll on you and your family, but you can minimise the financial burden caused by such events through wealth protection. So once you have accumulated some wealth or developed an income stream, make sure you PROTECT it so you don’t lose it! 

How do you protect your finances? Insurance, mostly – so it’s a case of ‘spending money to protect your money’.

Insurance might look like just an additional expense, but when critical situation of having the right protection plan occurs, it could save you from economical crisis.The squad at La Varne Capital will work with you to plan durable financial and protection plans that will see that you're covered both at present and in the future so you can relax easy. We will Manage your Managing your stage of cover – harmonizing it so it's both sufficient and not needlessly high. The people at La Verne are dedicated in providing you cover for your family, your property, and your earnings.